Usgn, inc. usglobalnet

USGN is a leading provider of web-based collaborative multi-project management software, transforming multi-project industries such as construction with the world's first thin client Application Development Platform. For today's virtual business teams who need to work together in collaborative workgroups, USGN is the essence of collaboration with a portfolio of software and a powerful development platform.

Fortune 500 companies and others are transforming the way they manage projects and enhance company return on investment (ROI) through USGN's unique Collaborative Project Management platform. With USGN, work in one single, shared virtual environment built on the framework of your own vital company best practices. In this way, you can realize increased productivity, quality and ROI. Other alternatives are merely 'configurable' whereas USGN software is fully 'customizable' -- it's like starting with a blank sheet of paper and building your project management application to meet your company's specific needs, easily, quickly and with project managers rather than programmers.