About - usgn

USGN is a leading provider of web-based collaborative project management software, transforming multi-project industries such as corporate retail with the world’s first thin-client Application Development Platform. For today’s virtual business teams who need to work together in collaborative workgroups, USGN is the essence of collaboration with a portfolio of software built upon a powerful development platform.

USGN has been steadily growing its customer base since its software first launched in 2000 and now boasts dozens of Fortune 500 and other leading companies as customers. The firm’s web-based, Collaborative Project Management platform is changing the landscape for companies who manage complex, multi-user projects. When they use the USGN platform to help them work in one single, shared virtual environment, built on the framework of their own vital company best practices, their business is seeing valued results quickly.

In this way, we’re realizing increased productivity, quality and return on investment. USGN software offers True Customization. Working with USGN software could be like starting with a blank sheet of paper and building your project management application to meet your company’s specific needs easily, quickly using your own internal staff, subject matter experts or industry consultants in lieu of programmers. Companies also can use or modify hundreds of applications from USGN’s vast library. The Company’s solutions are also cross-platform compatible – making it virtually browser and platform independent, including virtually all hand-held and wireless platforms.

Once an application is built — no matter the level of customization — it can be integrated directly with existing corporate business financial or ERP software such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and others using SXI (Streaming XML Interface), working directly and automatically with that application’s database.