Sample employee evaluation comments | performance review comment - evaluation forms


Positive Example

A very important skill that Sally has is her ability to effectively communicate topics that very complex. She has used this ability over the last twelve months to successfully solve several problems and the company has prospered as a result.

Keith does a good job always asking for immediate feedback to make sure he is doing his work tasks properly.

Frank has an ability to effectively communicate change of plans to employees and keeps them at ease during turbulent periods.

Hilda's project team always raves at her ability to encourage open communication among team members.

Jim's team has vastly improved their overall performance over the last year due to his positive feedback.

Negative Example

Jack needs to work on his communication skills this next year. Effective communication requires more than just giving information when asked, Jack also needs to be proactive when engaging his team as issues come up. Also, Jack needs to work on the tone of his communication so listeners feel comfortable conversing with him.

Terry tends to keep important information from his team members that he needs to share for optimal team performance.

Jim needs to work on his ability to receive feedback from his co-workers. Usually Jim tends to attack when given criticism that is constructive in nature.

George should try to open himself up with team members and stop isolating himself from the team. His position requires the ability to communicate freely.

Julie needs to work on improving her communication skill set when it comes to discussing bad news to her team members. She often has a tendency to withhold the information for fear of rejection from upper management.