Outlook express and firefox web browser

Is Outlook Express exclusive to Internet Explorer? Can it by used with Firefox?

Outlook Express and Mozilla Firefox are different programs – the former is an email client while the latter is a web browser. It’s not surprising that William is confused as Outlook Express was bundled with Internet Explorer browser (till version 6).

Also, there is no problem in having the two on the same computer. For instance, on my old Thinkpad that ran Windows XP, Firefox was the default web browser while Outlook Express was the default email client. The two programs coexisted happily.

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Firefox and Outlook Express: web browsers and email programs

Mozilla has its own email program

FYI, Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, also have a free email client – Thunderbird – which I’ve heard is pretty good. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to use it on a regular basis. I have always stuck with the default email programs from Microsoft – Outlook Express on XP, followed by Windows Mail Vista and now Windows Live Mail on Windows 7.

Outlook Express on Windows Vista

Sadly, users of Windows Vista or Windows 7 computers cannot employ Outlook Express because the development and support for this program has been discontinued by Microsoft. The Vista operating system comes with Windows Mail which is meant to replace Outlook Express. The latest email client from Microsoft is however, Windows Live Mail and this is what Microsoft recommends you use on Vista or Windows 7.