Compassion roofing & remodeling | covering the dallas/fort worth area in compassion!

Corey McLaughlin, owner and President of Compassion Roofing & Remodeling, has more than 25 years of experience in the construction and business management sectors. Raised in the roofing industry, Corey installed his first roof at the age of 12. An entrepreneur by nature, Corey has owned several other successful businesses since college, including a popular restaurant in downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square.

The largest mortgage company in Tarrant County, a private money lender, a custom home builder and two title agencies. Throughout his career, Corey has placed a special emphasis on thinking outside of the box by providing his customers with choices; after all, what works for one customer may be different for another. Corey also believes that in order to be successful, those that work with him must be successful. This philosophy is why Compassion Roofing & Remodeling operates as a cohesive team, focusing not on individual performance but on the performance of the group… Read More >