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Manufacturers face a greater risk from product liability than recalls

Reports on the greater exposure to product liability and warranty problems faced by manufacturersinIndiana compared to product recalls. Indiana's prod...

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90 April 24th,2018

Thermo Pride.(Manufacturers)(retirement of Glenn Pottberg in Thermo Products Inc. (North Judson, Indiana))(promotion of Mark Santan...

Thermo Pride.(Manufacturers)(retirement of Glenn Pottberg in Thermo Products Inc. (North Judson, Indiana))(promotion of Mark Santangelo)(Brief article)Woerpel, Herb...

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174 April 24th,2018

A Survey of Group Technology Adoption in the American Midwest

flexible labor cells, and concurrent changes in plant operations among nonelectrical machinery manufacturersin Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and W...

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The content of overhead costs : a survey of Indianamanufacturers : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

The purpose of this thesis is to determine whether "overhead costs" inIndiana manufacturing companies can be classified by major types of resources and support activities. In order to accomplish this purpose, a survey of Indiana manu...

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124 April 24th,2018

Indiana home to fast-growing manufacturers

Focuses on the number of jobs created by small business enterprises compared to large firms inIndiana, in a study conducted by David Birch of Cognetics Inc. Small manufacturers as the fastest growing sector of the business community;...

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Trailer, truck demand to remain strong

The article discusses the commercial vehicle market projections at the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Transportation Conference held inIndianain September 2014. Wabash National's Dick Giromini states that strong trailer demand in t...

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49 April 24th,2018

Indiana packaging biz purchases, consolidates two local manufacturers

The article reports that Welch Packaging Group Inc. acquired two local manufacturing operations, Tecumseh Corrugated Box Co. and West Park Packaging Inc. in February, 2006. Welch Packaging is in the process of consolidating both opera...

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90 April 24th,2018


This article reports on findings from a recent TRIP report which indicate that the economic climate inIndiana may suffer due to the substandard conditi...

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127 April 24th,2018

Manufacturers struggle with China's risk, opportunity

Reports on the strategy of manufacturersinIndiana to compete against Chinese counterparts. Demonstration of a computerized control panel by Hurco Cos. Inc. by project administrator Christopher Thale; Leadership in technological inno...

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74 April 24th,2018

An assessment of small to medium size manufacturers practicing lean manufacturing inIndiana

There is a lack of conceptual tools used to assess the efficacy and importance of operational improvement strategies in small to medium size manufacturing firms (SMMs) in the US. By building on past research done in this area this stu...

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